Were you a bit taken aback by the amount you were quoted for a kitchen remodeling project? Remodeling a kitchen is not cheap, and the cost can really add up quickly. However, there are often simple changes that homeowners can make to their plans in order to reduce the cost of a remodel. Consider whether it's possible for you to make these money-saving changes.

Keep Your Current Cabinets

If you don't mind the placement and layout of your cabinets, it may be best not to replace them. You can leave the boxes right where they are, and just have the cabinets re-faced. This means having new doors made for them. You still get the look of new cabinets, but your contractor does not have to tear out the old ones or install new ones, which saves you a lot of money on labor. Hanging new doors is far less time-consuming.

Choose Laminate Counters

Did your quote include a price for stone counters? Granite, quartz, and marble are definitely great counter materials, but you'll pay a lot for them. If you need to keep costs down, look at laminate counters instead. You can even find them in patterns made to look like stone, and some are quite realistic. 

Use Shelves in Place of Some Cabinets

Another way to cut costs is to eliminate a few cabinets from your design and replace them with shelves. Open shelving costs a lot less, but it still gives you a place to store things. In fact, some homeowners really like having a few open shelves where they can display their most beautiful cookware or dishes.

Use Can Lights for Lighting

Steer clear of fancy light fixtures, which come at a high cost. Instead, ask your remodeling contractor to install can lights in your kitchen. These lights are mounted into the ceiling. All you see is a round circle from which light emerges. Can lights are very affordable, and the simple aesthetic they create is quite on-trend.

Include Fewer Specialized Features

A cabinet just for cookie trays, built-in silverware compartments, built-in cutting boards — these specialized features are nice, but they really add to the cost of a kitchen remodel. People did without them for years, and you can do the same as a way to save.

If you need to reduce the cost of your kitchen remodel, following one or more of the tips above will go a long way. For more information, contact a kitchen remodel service near you.