Wood flooring adds a level of class to nearly any setting. Customized wooden floors can take a room to the next level, though. Should you invest in custom wood flooring? These four cases are among the best reasons to consider it.

Lettering and Symbols

Adding lettering and symbols is surprisingly easy with the right processes. Suppose you have a luxury residence and want to add a monogram to the floor. A contractor can create distinctive pieces for the monogram and the surrounding space. Using different stains, they can accentuate the boundaries between the two to make the monogram more readable.

People also frequently use a similar approach in sports venues. For example, a basketball team might add its logo at half-court. The look of a custom wood logo instead of the usual vinyl graphics can be a crowd-pleaser.

Businesses also may use custom wood flooring for branding. A hotel might have a ballroom that features a stylized version of its logo on the floor. Corporate offices also can benefit from similar branding.

Durable Surfaces

Wood flooring isn't just about style. The right materials can also provide excellent durability. A dance studio might want to install a custom oak floor, for example, to provide years of use by thousands of students and performers. It may need a custom solution to conform to the requirements of training and competition.

Distinctive Patterns

You might also want to use distinctive patterns to add visual appeal to a room. A jigsaw pattern adds a wow factor. However, finding the right kit to fit a room can be challenging and might not be much cheaper than a customized solution. A wood flooring contractor can measure the space, calculate the pattern, and install everything with a tight fit.

There are plenty of options for patterns, too. Herringbone is a solid choice to add visual excitement to a room that might be otherwise a bit ho-hum. A chevron pattern that comes together in the middle of the room can also be appealing. You might consider a mosaic with light-colored wood and bright stain to give a room sparkle. A windmill pattern can be distinctive, also.

Small or Unusually Shaped Spaces

Wood flooring usually comes in packages meant for big and square rooms. If the room is small or unusually shaped, the contractor will likely need to make lots of cuts to customize the kit to the space. Given the associated labor and material waste, you might be further ahead with custom wood flooring.