Small kitchens are sometimes looked down upon or seen as less than ideal. But if you use your space wisely, it can actually be nice to cook in a small, compact kitchen. You don't have to walk across a big room to get from the fridge to the stove, and with less space, there's motivation to keep everything neatly organized. If you want to improve your small kitchen, here are some kitchen remodeling tips and ideas to inspire you.

Replace your upper cabinets with open shelves. 

Ask your remodeling team to remove your upper cabinets and instead install open shelving. This way, you won't have bulky cabinet doors opening up into your space. Being able to see the back wall through the shelves will make your kitchen feel and look larger. Plus, you can just reach for what you need without having to duck to one side and open a door. 

Add a corner shelving unit.

Corners are often wasted space in a kitchen. But if you install a corner shelving unit with half-round and three-quarter-round shelves, you'll make use of that wasted space. People often store their small appliances on their corner shelves. This way, your toaster, blender, and other small appliances are still within reach, but they won't be taking up valuable counter space.

Use a two-burner stovetop.

How often do you use all four burners on your stovetop or range? People often only use two burners at a time, at most. If you don't use all four burners, consider downsizing to a two-burner cooktop. It will take up a lot less space in your small kitchen. There are two-burner stovetops that use both gas and electricity.

Install a microwave drawer.

Are you tired of a microwave taking up half of your counter? Ask your remodeling team to include a microwave drawer in your kitchen design. It takes up no more room than your average drawer. You pull it out, put your food inside, close the drawer, and cook your food. If you don't love the drawer style, there are also microwaves with doors that are specifically designed to go in lower cabinets.

With these ideas, you can do more with the limited space in your small kitchen. Talk to your remodeling team to see if they have any other ideas. After they see your current kitchen, they may have some suggestions that are unique to its layout and style.