It's always a smart investment to upgrade your home's old windows with new ones that are energy efficient. If you're debating the need for new windows, it will help to know the following benefits that may not be as obvious to everyone.  

Reduced Energy Bills

The main benefit of getting new windows is the improved energy efficiency that they offer. Those old windows likely have leaks or gaps that allow air to pass through. This can cause your energy bills to increase in both the summer and winter, which is the time when you want to keep the outside air where it belongs outside. With the rising cost of energy, seeing reduced energy bills will be a welcomed benefit for any homeowner.

Improved Comfort

The other benefit to not having drafts is that your home is going to have improved comfort. If you are sitting next to your old windows in the winter, you may actually feel that cold air coming in due to how bad the windows are. Improved comfort will also come in the form of windows that keep your home at a consistent temperature. This is especially helpful in rooms far away from the thermostat, which may already be a few degrees cooler or hotter than the rest of the house.

Increased Home Value

Planning on selling your home soon? Those new windows can actually increase your home's overall value. Upgrades that buyers can help justify the higher price of a home, which your Realtor will be sure to point out during showings. It is a sign that the home has been well maintained, and it is an upgrade that is easy for buyers to understand. 

Improved Noise Reduction

New windows can significantly decrease the amount of noise that you hear inside from all the activity going on outside. This is particularly helpful if you live near a park, school, highway, busy street, or simply have neighbors with kids that play outside. Noise reduction can also be improved by adding more panes of glass to the window. Since most windows now come with double panes of glass, a triple-pane window is going to offer even more noise reduction in comparison.

Improved UV Protection

Your old windows may have caused the carpet and furniture in your home to fade over time, which is due to them not providing much UV protection from the sunlight that comes into the home. New windows are going to have much better UV protection, so you don't have to worry about accidental damage happening due to natural light. 

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