You want to renovate your house. That is awesome, but now you need to come up with remodeling ideas. Use these four tips to build a plan for your project.

Start With the Repairs and Upgrades

As fun as it might be to think about new countertops and cupboards, you should start with repairs and upgrades. If a house is old enough to require remodeling services, it almost certainly has some issues. The plumbing system might not provide enough water pressure, or the lighting system could use an upgrade to modern LEDs.

While this might seem less exciting, the reality is that the contractors are going to open up some parts of each renovated room. This is a great time to get into the pipes and wiring. If something requires repairs or upgrades, it's best to do it when a room is stripped. Also, you'll have a much better idea of what your remaining budget will be once you account for the less glamorous work.


At the opposite end of the scale, your second move should be to fantasize about your ideal remodel. If you've always wanted a full pantry in your kitchen or an en suite bathroom, look into it. Even if you're confident that your budget won't handle the fantasy version, you might be surprised to learn what a remodeling services contractor can do.

Suppose you want gorgeous marble countertops for your kitchen and bathroom. Maybe natural stone won't fit into the budget, but there's a good chance an engineered solution will. With a little substitution, you could achieve your fantasy remodel.

Suffer Envy

Everyone has envied some part of another person's home. Maybe you envied a bedroom you saw on a TV show. Envy is a great source of remodeling ideas. Even if you're worried that your sister or next-door neighbor might think you copied an idea, there are ways to pay homage without ripping off a design. A remodeling services company can tweak the design and work with you to make it your own.

Take Measurements

Regardless of how good the remodeling team is, they have to make the idea fit within your home's footprint. There are ways to modify the footprint; however, you may be impressed by what a skilled designer can accomplish within your home's measurements. Take a few measurements and ask a designer how they might fit your plan into the space.

Contact a local remodeling service to learn more.