Making changes to a small kitchen can feel limiting since you're unable to alter the square footage or layout much. While your kitchen can have some limitations due to size, there are still plenty of features you can include to improve the look and functionality.

Consider the following features and the difference they make in giving your kitchen a spacious design.

Deep Cabinets

One way to take advantage of limited space in your kitchen is to have deep cabinets built. Adding as much storage as possible is essential for keeping your kitchen organized after the remodeling work is complete. Look into deep cabinets to ensure that large pots and pans, among other kitchen items, can be placed into storage without any issue. 

Pull-out shelving in deeper cabinets can make it easier to reach items stored in the back, making it useful for cabinets that are otherwise inaccessible.  


As you plan to remodel the kitchen and replace the existing cabinetry, consider the benefit of having drawers put in. While you may be familiar with drawers for silverware, you can have deep drawers installed for everything from spices to jars of food.

These deep drawers can make organizing your kitchen much easier and keep clutter out.

Vertical Space

While your kitchen may be small in terms of square footage, there's a lot of flexibility for vertical space. Choosing tall cabinets that practically reach the ceiling can take advantage of limited space and allow you to store items you don't use often.

Choosing open storage can make it easy to dress up your walls and display items you like, such as fancy dishware and glasses. Include a combination of open and closed storage so you can hide away items you don't want to be displayed, while still having an open design you'll enjoy.

Kitchen Island

Including a kitchen island can make it easy to fit additional seating for your household and guests. Rather than use the island only for seating, look into kitchen islands that include storage. By having this extra storage space, you can have a place to store small appliances and items that don't fit easily into your other cabinets. 

By expanding storage and increasing the available space in your kitchen, you won't run into issues where your kitchen feels disorganized. Rather than feeling restricted in how your kitchen is laid out, work with a kitchen remodeling contractor and consider the above tips to make the most of your kitchen.