Granite kitchen countertops are durable, so they are ideal for busy areas of your home prone to chipping and scratching. Also, granite countertops are easy to clean, requiring less maintenance than other countertop materials. Sealing granite further protects it from liquid spills such as oil.

The name "kitchen granite countertops" suggests you can only use the material in your kitchen, but this can't be further from the truth. Here are other creative ways you can utilize the material in your home.


You can use granite countertops for your bathroom walls. Granite will be perfect for your walls as it is not prone to water damage which can trigger mold growth. Granite can also prevent your walls from looking dull and ugly, which is common in other bathroom materials like ceramic tiles.

Granite's shiny and beautiful appearance will improve your bathroom's curb appeal. Hence, it's an excellent material for bathroom décor. Additionally, you can use granite as a shower seat. If you have a sauna, you can use it to relax as you enjoy the therapeutic steam.

Laundry Room

Your laundry room is one of the busiest areas in your home, so why not give it a stylish touch of luxury? You can install a granite countertop and use it to fold your clothes. 

Living Room

You can install a minibar in your living room using granite countertops. If you have guests over, you can display drinks and glassware on the countertop and use it to make cocktails and serve drinks. Also, you can combine the countertop with kitchen wood cabinets to give your minibar a complete look.

Additionally, you can make small granite slabs and use them as coasters. Your guests can use them to place their drinks. How about adding a coffee table with a granite countertop in your living room? You can use it for taking your meals as you watch TV.


How about giving your fireplace a facelift? You can transform your fireplace by installing granite material on the existing mantle. Granite is resistant to heat, so it won't get damaged. Your fireplace is one of the most visible areas to your guests, so why not impress them by decorating the area with beautiful granite designs?

Outdoor Sitting Area

Granite can also be used for outdoor remodeling. If you have a barbecue area or a patio, you can use granite to build beautiful countertops to complete your outdoors. You can use the countertops to place different items like food or utensils. You can also use the countertop as a dining table when you decide to eat outdoors.