Molding is an excellent option for sprucing up your home's interior. There are many types of molding available, including plaster, wood, PVC, and MDF. For many, Medium Density Fiberboard, or MDF, molding is an excellent fit for their needs. MDF wood molding can be used for baseboards, crown molding, and many other features within the home. Here's what to know if you are considering MDF wood molding for your home.

What It Is Made Of

There are many molding products on the market, but if MDF molding is at the top of your list, it's helpful to know how it's made. MDF wood molding is an engineered material made of wood fibers, wax, and resins. MDF wood molding looks like wood but is much more affordable. MDF molding is flexible and can be used for various projects. However, unlike wood molding, MDF cannot be stained. Instead, this type of molding can only be painted. Before committing to MDF molding, it's essential to consider whether it will suit your needs. 

How Much It Costs

MDF wood molding is an affordable option, but knowing how much to budget for this material is crucial. On average, installing MDF molding will set you back between $4 and $10 per square foot. In comparison, solid wood molding costs $10 to $45 per linear foot. Installation costs also vary depending on how much molding you plan to install and whether you are tackling the installation on your own. Installing MDF molding yourself can help you save. MDF molding is do-it-yourself friendly, but a professional installation usually offers the best results. 

Where You Can Install It

Another thing to consider is where you can install MDF molding. MDF molding is an excellent option for baseboards and crown molding. However, there are some limitations to this material. MDF molding does not hold up well to moisture, so it's best to use a different material in bathrooms and damp basements. MDF molding can also be painted but not stained. If you want stained molding for your home, different materials will be more appropriate. 

MDF molding may be right for your home, but there are a few things to know. First, MDF molding is an engineered material that looks and performs like wood. Second, MDF molding is affordable, usually costing $4 to $10 per square foot to install. Finally, while MDF molding works well in many areas, it's not a great option for high-moisture environments.

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