Owning a home with an oversized bathroom is advantageous in that you have the flexibility to make additions, changes, and improvements. A homeowner with a small or undersized bathroom might not be able to work on the space without making sacrifices. Hiring bathroom remodelers for specific projects can help add more functionality to your bathroom.

Washer and Dryer

Living in a place with a laundry room gives you an ideal place for the washer and dryer. However, you might not have this dedicated room, so your washer and dryer must go elsewhere. A large bathroom is an excellent alternative to a closet, kitchen, or basement.

Putting these appliances in an oversized bathroom is worth considering because you already have the electrical and plumbing system there for a quick and simple connection. A bathroom is ideal because the space is designed with moisture and water in mind. So, experiencing a minor leak or spill from the washer later down the line is not a significant concern.


One way to increase storage in a large bathroom is through furniture. For instance, you can pick up storage racks, shelves, and units at a furniture store. Another option is to invest in permanent additions. A great example is taking an empty part of the room to make a bathroom closet where you store toilet paper, towels, cleaning supplies, and hygiene products.

This kind of solution can give you floor-to-ceiling storage to utilize as a family. Remodelers can also replace your existing vanity with a larger and wider one to maximize storage capacity.


A step-in shower may have decent functionality for your family and guests. However, you can bring more to this space with a walk-in shower, especially a frameless one. This particular setup makes it easy for those who are physically disabled or injured to get into the shower safely. The frameless aspect prevents people who want to shower from stepping over a metal track.

While working on the shower plans, you may want to incorporate built-in seating at the back end. This way, anyone can sit down and still clean up without needing to stand the whole time.

Another feature worth adding is built-in storage in the entire shower area. For instance, you can carve shelves out of the shower walls for permanent storage solutions. A smart plan is to prioritize storage by the seat to ensure those who need the seat have easy storage access.

Get more use out of an oversized bathroom with these projects.