Living in apartments for most of your adult life means that you may only be familiar with having windows on one or two sides. Buying and moving into your first house means getting windows on every side. You may also realize that you have many windows compared to typical homes.

Designing the interior while considering and using these windows is tough. Fortunately, you can hire an interior designer to furnish and decorate your new home and utilize the windows.

Natural Lighting

A home with ample window coverage allows you to bring in a ton of natural light to benefit your family. Getting enough natural light can eliminate the need to use artificial light during the day, saving money on your utility bill. To maximize natural light inside, you will need to minimize visual obstructions from furniture, decorations, and window treatments.


The placement and type of window treatments will play a significant role in utilizing windows fully. For instance, you want to mount the curtain rods far enough away from the windows that you can pull the curtains open and keep them from causing an obstruction.

An interior designer will know where to set up curtain rods to maximize visibility. Another important part is choosing the right treatments depending on your family's needs. Blackout curtains are great for bedrooms, especially when you are usually asleep after the sun comes up.

Blinds and shades are two other viable window treatment options. Then you can take it even further with wood blinds or motorized shades, both of which provide benefits. Wood blinds can boost visual appeal and give you a long-lasting solution for window treatments. You may also appreciate motorized shades for the ability to open and close them from a distance.

Furniture Layout

The furniture layout for each room is essential because it will determine the impact of natural light and windows. For instance, you will benefit from positioning computers and televisions in a way that prevents screen glare during the day. You may also want to maximize natural light in most other areas to improve furniture usage.

An excellent example is positioning the dining table and chairs to get ample light from the windows. Interior designers will also look at the views outside to place furniture in ways that you can enjoy the most incredible views.

When you find it tough to furnish your home with lots of windows, you can get professional design help for an incredible outcome that satisfies your family.

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