Wood flooring can be a stylish, practical, and long-lasting addition to any home. Custom wood flooring created by wood flooring specialists is the best way to find the flooring that fits your needs and complements your home's aesthetic. Custom wood flooring can be made from almost any type of timber you can think of, and wood flooring made using reclaimed timber is becoming increasingly popular.

The timber used to create reclaimed wood flooring is taken from many sources, such as remodeled homes, demolished commercial buildings, unused barns, and even wine barrels. Reclaimed wood flooring has numerous advantages over flooring made from 'new' timber. Here are three of the most useful benefits of choosing custom reclaimed wood flooring.

Environmentally Friendly

Using recycled construction materials in your home is an effective way to make your home more eco-friendly and minimize its carbon footprint. This is especially true when it comes to wood flooring, and choosing reclaimed wood will prevent living trees from being chopped down. This helps to preserve forests and the complex ecosystems they create, and can also help reduce air pollution by allowing the still-living trees to act as carbon sinks.

Reclaimed wood flooring is a particularly good option if you have your heart set on flooring made from tropical hardwoods, such as teak or Merbau. These wood types are renowned for their durability and beauty but are frequently taken from unsustainable sources, such as rainforests. Reclaimed wood can give you all the benefits of tropical hardwood flooring without the guilt.

High-Quality Timber

If you want your new custom wood flooring to be eco-friendly, using fresh wood taken from tree plantations is another green option. However, because plantation trees are grown as quickly as possible and felled at a relatively young age, their wood tends to be less durable and more porous than timber taken from old-growth trees. 

Reclaimed wood flooring is frequently made from old-growth timber, which was used before environmental damage became such a pressing global concern. Reclaimed old-growth timber can be used to make exceptionally durable flooring that cannot be matched by most plantation-grown timber types.

Unique Appearance

Because reclaimed wood has already seen years of use before it is repurposed to create wood flooring, it often has a unique, weathered appearance that is very attractive and cannot be replicated when using new woods. This weathered appearance looks particularly good in rustic or traditionally styled homes but can complement almost any home design scheme.

Depending on the sources used to create your reclaimed custom wood flooring, the wood may also have visible markings that add to its unique appearance. For example, wood taken from old railway boxcars may feature stamped identification numbers. These markings can be removed by your custom wood flooring manufacturer if you desire, but leaving them visible can give your custom wood flooring more character and distinctiveness. 

For more information, contact a wood flooring contractor in your area.