Basements are underground, which makes them vulnerable to water damage. Water damage in a basement can be devastating to your home, but it can happen if you don't use the correct techniques to stop the water from coming inside. If you want to prevent water from entering your basement, you can use the following three methods:

1. Exterior sealants

When a homebuilder constructed your house, they should've applied sealant material to the exterior walls of your basement. If they didn't do this, water might seep through the concrete, which results in a wet basement. It's easier to seal the exterior walls of your basement during the home's construction, but you can also hire a company to do this later. They may have to dig around your house to access these walls to seal the walls, but this step will stop a lot of the water from getting inside. When they seal the exterior walls, they might suggest other services, too.

2. Drainage systems 

One service you can expect a company to suggest is installing a drainage system. A drainage system is something they can place outside your home or inside. You can have both. An exterior system provides a filtering system for the water that comes near your home. An interior system creates a way for water to exit your home if it gets inside or too close to your basement floor. Both systems help control the water level near your basement.

3. Interior wall sealants

The simplest technique to waterproof your basement is interior wall sealant. A contractor can access your interior basement walls by going into your basement. The contractor will apply a sealant to all your interior basement walls that stops water from getting through. This method helps prevent water damage, but it works best when you combine it with the other waterproofing methods.

What methods do you need?

A basement waterproofing contractor starts by inspecting your home to see what the risks your home has for water damage. After inspecting your house, they might suggest one or more of these methods and other options, such as installing a new gutter system.

You can use one of these techniques to stop some water from entering, or you can use all three techniques to stop all the water from entering your basement. You can choose the methods you prefer and hire a basement waterproofing company to perform them.  

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