An island is a popular feature that's often added during a kitchen remodeling project. You may love the concept of a kitchen island, but you might not be sure if an island is right for you. Here are some things to think about when you're making your decision.

If You Have Room For An Island

Islands work great in kitchens with open floor plans or kitchens that are large rooms. Note the dimensions of an island you like and mark off that much space in your kitchen. See if you still have plenty of room to move and work comfortably. Also, test that cabinet drawers will open fully. If the space seems cramped, you may want to avoid getting an island unless you plan to knock out a wall.

If You Want To Open Up A Galley Kitchen

If you have a galley kitchen now that you want to open up, an island could be the perfect replacement for lost counter space when you tear out a wall. You can also store quite a bit in island cabinets and drawers. Plus, your new island can have outlets, so it could be a good substitute for a wall with cabinets and counters.

If You Want To Move Your Cooktop Or Sink

You can put a sink or cooktop on a kitchen island. If your sink or cooktop is against a wall now, you might prefer it in another location. If so, this is an important consideration during your kitchen remodeling planning.

You may want to face the family room while you cook or prep for meals. You may just prefer the way your work flows if you face a certain direction in your kitchen. There are numerous reasons for working at an island rather than on a countertop that faces a wall.

If You Want An Additional Sink

An island is also a good addition if you need more counter space or if you want an additional sink. If you have a large family and have help cooking meals, two sinks can be handy. With an island, you'll have two food prep areas so meal preparation and clean up are more convenient.

If You Want Dining Space

When you plan your kitchen remodeling project, you'll probably think about dining areas. You may not want to take up a lot of space with an additional table and chairs in the kitchen. Instead, you can use an island as both a food prep and dining station. Your family can use stools and sit at the island to eat or talk while you prepare meals. Kids can do homework on the island and be under your supervision while you cook.

In addition to having useful functions for your family and lifestyle, a kitchen island can add beauty to your kitchen when you have attractive countertops, such as a granite waterfall or attractive drawers and cabinets. A company like Central Valley Construction Inc can provide you with more information.