Are you dealing with a small and tight bathroom that you want to remodel, and finding more storage is important? If so, you want to make sure that you're making the most of the cabinets and vanity you have in the space. This way you can get all the products you need put away without feeling like the space is cramped. Here are some of the bathroom cabinet options to consider for the remodel.

Get a Tall Vanity

To maximize storage potential, you want to go with the highest vanity height possible in the space. An extra high vanity will allow you more drawers and cabinet space and prevents you from having to bend down far to wash your face or brush your teeth. Look at the current plumbing fixtures and see how high you can go.

Utilize Cabinets Above the Vanity

There are many cabinet options that have a mirror face, or that you can place around a mirror in your bathroom if you want to add storage above the vanity. If you don't want to add cabinets in the space above the vanity and sink, get a mirror that opens and has storage behind it instead.

Consider Behind the Door

If there is dead space in the wall behind the door, you may be able to frame out spaces for shelving. This is a great storage location for all of your towels, or even for cleaning products and other bathroom essentials like toilet paper.

A cabinet door can be used to cover up this storage area behind the door and it will look like you put a custom cabinet into the space. If the cabinet company has narrow cabinets or can make a custom bathroom cabinet to fit in that space, these are possibilities as well.

Wall hanging storage options can also be used, like a towel rack above the toilet or next to the shower on the wall if there is space. A long rack that can hold a handful of rolled up towels may be a better alternative in comparison to a traditional towel rack that only holds a couple of towels.

Meet with some cabinetry professionals to see what they can design to fit the space, and to pick out what cabinets will help you get the storage you need in the tight space. Many small bathrooms can be made to seem bigger with the right design and storage possibilities.