If you want to change the look of your bathroom but don't have the budget to redo the entire place, one project to think about is replacing the bathtub. Replacing the tub is a simple project for a remodeling contractor to tackle, and it can be a change that you appreciate almost every day for the next several years. As you assess different tubs to find the right one for your space, one style that you'll often come across is an asymmetrical tub. These tubs are available in many shapes and sizes, but the common trait is that they're asymmetrical—rather than perfectly rectangular or oval. Here are some reasons to replace your current tub with an asymmetrical model.

1. It Can Offer a Lot More Style

One thing that virtually all asymmetrical tubs have in common is that they possess a high degree of style. While a conventional rectangular tub might be suitable for bathing, it may fail to provide much visual appeal for your bathroom. This won't be the case when you switch it for an asymmetrical model. Some of these tubs are higher on one end than the other, for example, while other models have freeform curves along the edges. There's little doubt that your bathroom will look dramatically different after your remodeling contractor installs the new tub.

2. It May Be More Comfortable

If you enjoy taking baths frequently but don't find that your current tub is very comfortable under your body, an asymmetrical tub may be an idea to explore. Many of these tubs are highly comfortable, thanks to their curved shape. For example, while the sides of a rectangular tub are typically close to vertical—which isn't exactly comfortable to lean against—the sloped inner walls of an asymmetrical tub can be comfortable for lying back and soaking.

3. It Could Help to Save Space 

Some asymmetrical tubs are wider at one end, with the premise being that you sit with your back at this end and your feet in the narrower end. This type of shape can often help to save floor space in your bathroom. For example, if you have a smaller bathroom that you want to feel as spacious as possible, using an asymmetrical tub that tapers slightly will have a smaller footprint in the room. Talk to a bathroom remodeling contractor to learn more about asymmetrical tubs and how one might work in your bathroom.