If you are planning to renovate your kitchen, one new modern design feature you may want to consider is an open concept floorplan. Today, many open concept designs may eliminate a lot of the storage in your kitchen, but you should still consider this option. The following modern kitchen cabinet design ideas will help you keep both storage and open-concept designs.

Use Every Bit of Cabinet Space For Storage

The first thing you want to do is make sure that every bit of cabinet space is used. Older cabinet designs often have areas with dead space that typically aren't used for anything. More recently, there are options to use narrow spaces with features like spice racks and other storage solutions for kitchen clutter. Talk to your cabinet installer about your different options to fill any dead space with compact cabinets, drawers, and pullout features that help make the most of the available space in the new design.

Recess Cabinets Further Into Wall Cavities

Often, higher cabinets in kitchen designs are recessed back from the countertops below. This is to prevent you from hitting your head, but it can also reduce the cubic space inside your cabinets for additional storage. If you want more storage, ask about solutions to recess cabinets into the wall cavity. This can reduce the space that the cabinets occupy and still be able to provide more storage inside the units.

Integrate Open Shelving Into Cabinet Designs

Shelving is another great option to consider for the design of your kitchen. It will provide you with the storage you need without causing clutter problems. One design you could consider is a shelving unit that has open cabinets built with custom finished shelves to give your kitchen design open storage. There are also options like floating shelves, which can be used to give your kitchen a more modern and stylish design.

Ask About Using Glass and Open Door Features

There are also glass features that can help give your kitchen more of an open feeling. These glass features can be enhanced with specially designed cabinet lighting and other custom features like etching. In addition to glass, there are also options like decorative metal mesh that can be added to the faces of your cabinets. Other decorative features may include lattice and custom woodwork on the face of cabinet doors.

The addition of kitchen cabinets can be a great way to create an open-concept design for your home. Contact a kitchen cabinet service to discuss some of these ideas for an open-concept design with plenty of storage.