A compact kitchen can require being creative to have it accommodate your needs. From cooking meals for your family to storing pots and pans properly, you'll need to check what kind of remodeling to start with.

Prioritizing storage and keeping the dimensions of your kitchen in mind will help ensure that you don't go overboard with the limited space available.

Prioritize an Island Kitchen Cart

If you're eager to expand the amount of functional space in your kitchen, a cart with room for small appliances, a cutting board, and other items can be so helpful to have. Measuring your kitchen can help you choose a cart that will fit into the space without it being difficult to navigate around.

Checking the size of different carts can help you find the functionality you want without sacrificing the open floorplan and limited floor.

Avoid Bulky Countertop Items

Placing appliances such as a coffee maker and toaster on the counter can lead to a lot less usable space that can be frustrating to have. However, keeping some of these items stored inside the cabinets or reducing the small appliances you have can be so helpful for adding usable space.

While you can still hold onto some kitchen appliances and accessories, you can have the kitchen remodeled in a way that adds more cabinetry and usable storage. This way, it can be a lot easier to keep the kitchen organized and avoid issues where the kitchen is challenging to navigate.

Use the Wall Behind the Counter

The wall behind the counter of the kitchen is typically reserved for aesthetic reasons. This means a backsplash or paint used behind to add color. Since you're working with a small kitchen, you should choose shelving or a bar to hold items up and keep the counter clean.

This extra step in reducing clutter in your kitchen can ensure that the counters don't have too many items scattered about and can maximize the available storage.

Giving your kitchen an update in a condo can mean limitations over the space available since there won't be the option to knock down walls or have an addition made. However, even with the limitations of remodeling a condo, you can update the kitchen by keeping the square footage in mind.

The limited size of a studio kitchen can still allow you to get the look and functionality you desire, especially when you consider the above updates that can be done alone or with professional help.

Contact a custom kitchen remodeling contractor to learn more.