An open-concept kitchen can be a great investment when renovating, but there may be some structural issues. Sometimes, problems like load-bearing walls and other features can make these types of remodeling projects challenging. Therefore, you need to know how to deal with structural issues when renovating your kitchen. The following solutions will help you deal with these structural issues for an open-concept design:

Assessing the Current Structural Loads

You need to begin the renovations by assessing the current structural loads. There are some things that need to be done to determine where the structural loads are located. Things to look for when assessing current structural loads in your kitchen design include:

  • Roof bracing over walls in the attic
  • Second-floor loads supported by kitchen walls
  • Columns that are supporting load-bearing beams

The current structural loads will still need to have support, which is why changes will be needed. You will have to decide how and where to move the load-bearing points when redesigning your kitchen.

Planning a Solution to Support for Loads

You also need to plan the solutions to remove the loads. Beams and other features can be used to add new support for the loads. The different options you will want to consider to support the structural loads include:

  • Using exposed beams and columns
  • Moving load points to another area
  • Installing recessed beams

The solutions for removing the load-bearing walls may include recessed beams. These are recessed into the ceiling to carry any structural loads. The solution you choose will also depend on your budget. Options like recessed beams can be costlier, but they give you more freedom when redesigning your kitchen.

Designing the New Kitchen Layout

After you have dealt with the structural issues, you will be ready to start designing the new layout for your kitchen renovations. Some of the options to consider for the new layout in your kitchen include:

  • An open kitchen island
  • Modern cabinets with open-concept features (glass doors and open shelving)
  • Recessed appliances with custom cabinetry finishes

The new kitchen layout can be open to other main gathering spaces like the living room. This will give your home an open-concept design.

Removing walls and other structural features can help you open up the main living space of your home when remodeling your kitchen. Contact a kitchen renovation service to discuss these options to create an open-concept design. A company like Greene Home Redesign can provide more information.