You should always stay on top of home repairs that need to be done. Ignoring any type of home repair can cause problems that become worse and affect more parts of the home. Your roof is one part of your home you want to stay on top of when issues arise by calling out a roofing contractor. This brief guide has information on roof leaks and what can happen if they get ignored.

How to recognize roof leaks

There are a number of things that can when you have leaks in your roof. Here are a few signs of a roofing leak: 

  • Drips coming from the ceiling 
  • A musty odor is in the room with no known cause 
  • Stains on the ceilings and/or walls 
  • Bubbles in the ceiling or high on the walls
  • A clicking sound in the rain (caused by dripping on things like beams in the attic)
  • A mysterious puddle or wet carpet in the house after rainfall
  • Shingles that are buckling or coming off of the roof

What can happen when you ignore roof leaks

Even if a leak appears to be a small one, it is still a reason to have a roofing contractor come out. Here are things you can find happening if you don't have a roofing contractor come fix the leaks: 

You get mold: Mold likes moisture and warmth. These are environments that can be created in your home as temperatures rise and a roofing leak has allowed water to come inside. A common area to get mold from roofing leaks is the attic. 

You get rot: When the rain comes inside the house, it can cause damage to the house in the form of rot. This is dangerous because it threatens the integrity of your home, weakening it in a way that can lead to things like floor collapses. 

You get more pests: There are pests that prefer certain environments. Some pests you can end up with when you ignore a roof that leaks include silverfish, earwigs, roaches, and centipedes. If you have had a leak and you didn't have it fixed right away, then having pest control come out to do a treatment is a good idea.


A roofing contractor can come out to inspect your roof whenever you want, and this can help you keep leaks away preventatively. Or, if you think you already have one, then they are the best source to validate your suspicion, plus they will be able to fix the leak for you.