If your old kitchen needs an upgrade, you are sure to find something to get excited about in the new 2021 trends in kitchen design. Today's kitchens make it easier than ever for the kitchen to become the hub of the home for family meals, entertaining, and spending quality family time together. From innovations in technology to open living spaces, 2021 kitchen trends are a far cry from the kitchens of yesterday.

Dark colors

From dark gray, black, and brown cupboards to black appliances, dark colors are making themselves at home in kitchen design for 2021. Dark colors can satisfy homeowners' desires for a more elegant and sophisticated look in the kitchen. They pair well with white and fit well in modern and contemporary-themed homes.

Matte finishes

Glossy finishes on cabinets and appliances are being replaced with matte finishes. Matte surfaces boast about fingerprint-free qualities, which have been a problem with shiny black finishes on cabinets and appliances. However, glossy finishes combined with matte finishes are also being seen in 2021 kitchen design and is a perfect option for those who aren't ready to do away with glossy surfaces altogether.

Kitchen and living room combinations

A trend that you will find in 2021 kitchen remodeling is the combination of kitchen and living room elements. Manufacturers can make cabinets and shelves that can be used in living rooms and kitchens to create a seamless transition between an open kitchen and living room space. The recurring shapes, colors, and elements create pleasing eye appeal and can make the space appear larger.

Say goodbye to handles

The transition away from handles and knobs on cabinet fronts continues, as does the trend of hiding kitchen appliances behind cabinet fronts. This allows for a simplistic and minimal look that has become a favorite with homeowners. Laterally retracted doors can be seen in 2021 kitchens to hide bars and larger kitchen appliances.

Technology advances

Innovations in technology make cooking easier with smart ovens that can be controlled by smartphone applications. These ovens no longer need to be preheated and can sense internal temperatures and automatically adjust cooking times. Gone are the days of multiple appliances as microwaves, double boilers, and oven combinations free up space for other items.

Remodeling your kitchen is a wise investment in the value of your home. More importantly, a kitchen that is well-designed will make everything from meal preparation to clean up easier to manage. Your new kitchen is sure to become the favorite room in the home to make memories with your family and friends. Contact a kitchen remodeling contractor for more information.