When you think about the perfect kitchen, what exactly do you envision? From hardwood flooring and granite countertops to stainless steel, high-end appliances, the right kitchen can not only make it fun to cook but it can also add value to your home. If you are having difficulty deciding on the design of your kitchen, here are three elements you should consider including in your kitchen remodel.

Built-In Appliances

When designing your kitchen, one focus should be on ensuring that everything has its own place. Small appliances shouldn't clutter the counters, while larger appliances shouldn't block the walkways. To ensure you have plenty of storage space for food, consider installing a built-in refrigerator with double doors. At the same time, the dishwasher should be concealed in drawers that match the rest of the kitchen cabinetry. A space beneath the sink should be included for the garbage as well.

Specialized Lighting

If the kitchen has several bright overhead lights in the center of the space, you may want to consider elevating the cooking area with a separately zoned lighting design. Incorporate powerful yet compact lighting fixtures to the cabinet underside that will illuminate the countertops when you are preparing food. For the kitchen island, you can opt for stylish pendant lights with softer bulbs that hang overhead. If you prefer a modern look, you can add some lighting to the cabinet baseboards and kitchen island, which can help illuminate the walkways.

Kitchen Island

A kitchen island should be incorporated into the center of the kitchen to transform the space and to maximize counter space. When selecting the material for the countertop for the island, opt for a luxury material like marble or granite. Consider an overhang so that stools can be stowed underneath. The kitchen island can double as a cocktail or breakfast bar. If you have a pet, you can consider leaving a space beneath the island for a built-in dog bed.

When remodeling your kitchen, there are a lot of ways that you can elevate the space. The aforementioned are just a few of those ways. If you are looking to take your kitchen to the next level with your upcoming kitchen remodel, it is time to contact a kitchen remodeling contractor in your area. Contact a few different contractors in your area to discuss your ideas and get estimates before selecting the one you want to work with.