Coming up with remodeling ideas can be a challenge, especially if you want to go beyond the typical choices like redoing the tile in the bathroom and putting in new kitchen countertops. If you're looking for something special, to talk with a remodeling contractor about these 5 unusual ideas that could help you breath new life into your home.

Pit-Style Living Room

Creating a recessed area in the middle of a large living room can define the social space. The look is very chic, and it also makes it easier to put items like TVs and stereos out of the space where people will walk. Steps can be installed to get in and out of the pit. The social area in the middle of the room can be made square or circular, but the goal is always to have everyone facing each other to enable conversation.

Hidden Storage Spaces

In a world where everyone's home seems to be filling up with stuff, one solution is to install unconventional storage systems. For example, a slightly raised floor can be added to a room. Hinged doors can then be installed that allows access to storage spaces below the floor. This is an especially good idea for bedrooms, and hidden storage areas are great places to put away seasonal clothes, holiday ornaments and other items that aren't used all year long.

Multidirectional Shower

Why settle for a traditional shower head that just dumps out water when you can have one that makes it easier to cover all the tough spots? A control panel can be installed to regulate which jets shoot out, and each family member can set up a personalized profile to get the exact shower experience they want.

Trash Chutes

Cleaning up after making a meal in the kitchen can be a pain. One solution, though, is to have chutes installed at the back of your countertops. Just shove the mess into the nearest chute and get on with your day.

Make Use of Empty Spaces Caused by High Ceilings

Many homes have areas where high ceilings end up leaving a lot of potential square footage unused. If you've always wanted to put in a playroom or a crafting space, you can have a home remodeling contractor install the necessary support and decking for a room or a loft. Even adding something simple like a cargo net can gain you more storage space.