New kitchen cabinets can completely evolve the look of your kitchen, but this is also one of the biggest expenses during a kitchen remodeling project. Thankfully, there are a few ways you may be able to get the cabinetry you want without spending a ton of money. 

Look for wholesale cabinets for sale. 

Wholesale cabinets are an excellent option if you want to replace your kitchen cabinets and do not have a lot of money to spend. These cabinets tend to be mass-produced and may not have a lot of frills, but they are definitely functional and can look just as good as other cabinets. Wholesale cabinet manufacturers make pieces for construction companies, retailers, and other business people, so some do not sell their pieces to the public. However, there are actually many that have wholesale cabinets for sale that they have due to a surplus order and some do sell to the public. 

Finish the new cabinets yourself after you buy them. 

Some companies sell unfinished kitchen cabinets, and when they do, the cabinets are far cheaper than finished versions because they did not take as much time to make. Unfinished kitchen cabinets will usually be unstained or unpainted, and they may not have all of the hardware attached. For example, the cabinets may not have: 

  • all of the doors connected with hinges
  • handles on the cabinet doors
  • knobs on the cabinet drawers

Most people can handle finishing processes on their own, whether it is staining and varnishing or painting and adding the necessary hardware to the cabinets after they installed. Buying unfinished kitchen cabinets could potentially save you a lot of money. 

Take out your old kitchen cabinets on your own. 

Old kitchen cabinet removal is a huge part of the expense when you have your cabinets replaced. Even though removing old cabinetry is not hard, it is time-consuming and requires hauling away a lot of debris. You could easily rent a small dumpster yourself and take out the cabinets if you have the time to do so. Just make sure you are careful when removing the components you wish to reuse, such as the countertops or the kitchen sink. 

Just because your kitchen needs new cabinetry, it does not mean that you have to spend a fortune; there are ways to save money. Talk to a wholesale cabinet supplier such as Palm Harbor Kitchens LLC for more information about pieces they have available.