Remodeling your bathroom can require quite a large amount of your budget, especially if you gut the entire bathroom and replace it with new fixtures, cabinets, and flooring. There are many ways you can greatly change the look of your bathroom by implementing some inexpensive changes. Here are some tips to help you accomplish this for your next bathroom remodel.

Update the Fixtures

The fixtures in your bathroom may be small, but they can give your bathroom an entirely new look. This is especially true if your sink and shower faucets and knobs are outdated or damaged. You can install new fixtures without having to replace any of the plumbing—simply remove the old fixtures with their hardware beneath the sink. Bathtub fixtures can usually be unscrewed from their position on the wall. Be sure you shut off the water under your sink or your home's main water supply before you remove and replace old fixtures.

You can also buy and install a new lighting fixture for your bathroom, as there are many new decorative lighting fixtures available at most home improvement stores. Be sure you shut the power off to the bathroom via your home's electrical box switch to keep yourself safe from electrocution. Then, remove the old lighting fixture, removing the wire connections at their plastic connectors.

Follow the instructions in your new lighting kit to install the new lights. Or you can hire an electrician or someone else who has experience to install the lighting fixture if you feel unsafe installing it yourself.

Refinish the Counter

Years ago, the style for countertops was vastly different in pattern and color than it is today. And buying a completely new countertop to replace your old bathroom counter can be a pricier option than you can afford. Fortunately, you can refinish your old countertop to help change the style and look of your bathroom. You can find counter refinishing kits at most home improvement stores to give your counter a new color or a faux finish.

To prepare your old counter for refinishing, remove all the old caulking from the counter's surface, then clean its surface thoroughly with a cleaning solution of vinegar and water or trisodium phosphate to remove extreme buildup. If your counter has any chips or cracks, fill them with a two-part epoxy repair filler that you combine together just before application. Let the epoxy dry, then sand each repair smooth.

Vacuum all the dust from the surface of the counter, then apply painter's tape to mask off any fixture and the edges of your counter. Follow the instruction on your kit to apply the new surface.

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