Having a single bathroom in your home can lead to feeling like you need another one at times. It may not come down to how often the bathroom is used, but the lack of storage space. While you could store bathroom-related items in other areas of the house such as a nearby closet, you may not want to go there every time you want to use a certain tool or product in the bathroom.

Also, you may not have much space left over in the bathroom to add more storage. But, this does not mean you are limited to the storage capacity that your bathroom provides. You can think of clever ways to increase storage and then get help from bathroom remodeling professionals.

Medicine Cabinets

Many bathrooms have a large mirror or collection of mirrors along the wall behind the sink. This makes it easy for people to get ready in the morning with tasks such as styling hair or brushing teeth. If your bathroom has this exact setup, you should consider switching to medicine cabinets. You can pick out the largest mirrored medicine cabinets that you can find and get a few of them.

The next step is having professionals line them up to replace the old mirrors. This will provide you with functioning mirrors while also increasing your bathroom's storage capacity. You can even assign each medicine cabinet to a member in your family so that they get personal storage.

Built-In Cabinets

Another way that you can add storage is with built-in cabinets. You will want to find areas in the bathroom where you can remove the drywall and put cabinets directly in the wall. This will allow you to add storage space without taking up any extra room in the bathroom. You just need the cabinets to be in an accessible place so that no one has to struggle to reach the items.

Bathtub Deck

If you love taking baths, you may have a variety of products that you like to use. Without a bathtub deck, the tub area may have minimal storage room. Adding a deck will enhance the room's appearance and it can give you a lot of surface storage space. This way, you can put your products such as bubble bath, bath salts, bath bombs, and even candles around the whole tub.

Thinking of a few clever storage ideas and hiring a bathroom remodeling company will help you alleviate most or all your storage concerns for the only bathroom in your house.