Painting your bathroom is a very cheap but smart home upgrade. You will be amazed how a new paint job in your bathroom can completely redefine the style of the whole space. It will make your room look newer and more up to date. Of course, painting your bathroom will go much smoother if you are strategic about, use the right materials, stay within budget, and master some basic techniques. This article will give you a few helpful tips that will help your budget bathroom remodel succeed.

1. Do All the Taping at Once

You can streamline your entire paint process by painting off entire sections at once. For instance, tape off the entire room and get it fully ready to paint before you even open the paint cans.

2. Prime Your Walls

You can make your paint job look cleaner and more professional if you prime the walls before hand. Many people skip priming, especially when painting interior surfaces. However, this is never a good idea, especially if you had to patch or texture any holes in the wall. The new paint might dry unevenly if it is not primed. You also don't need to use as much paint if you prime because the walls won't be as absorbent.

3. Roll First to Speed Up the Process

To get the most complete coverage on your walls in the most time efficient way, you should start off by rolling the majority of the walls first. Roll as close the edges as possible. Just don't get so close that you actually hit the walls. Then, you can use the brushes to paint all the way up to the line.

4. Change Your Molding at the Same Time

When you are repainting your bathroom walls, you should also consider having your molding (whether you have crown or baseboard) replaced at the same time. You might need to have this job professionally done, but there are many good reasons to do it. First of all, it will be easier to paint if you do it after your old molding is removed and before your new product is installed. Also, new molding, coupled with the paint job, will drastically change the look of your room.

Painting itself is mostly simple. But, the job usually becomes harder and messier than most expect. If you prepare yourself and go into it knowing what to expect and what steps to take, the process will end up being much easier.