Making the choice to remodel your kitchen can be a great way to improve the function of this important room and add value to your home. Most kitchen remodels require the installation of new cabinetry in order to complete the new aesthetic. Adding new cabinets can maximize storage space and functionality, making the purchase of new cabinets a wise investment.

Here are three tips that you can use to ensure your new cabinets are installed successfully during an upcoming kitchen remodel.

1. Remove doors and drawers before installation.

Once your new cabinets arrive at your home, you will see that they probably will be delivered fully assembled. It might seem counterproductive to disassemble the cabinets prior to installation, but taking the time to remove doors and drawers before installing your new cabinetry can be beneficial.

The doors and drawers on new cabinets can be quite hefty, making the cabinets hard to manipulate. Eliminating this bulk can make it easier to hang your cabinets properly.

2. Invest in some shims.

As you are installing your new kitchen cabinets, you will probably notice that your kitchen floor is not completely level. Although it's normal for there to be some variation in the flatness of a kitchen floor, a non-level surface could make it difficult to install new cabinets properly.

Be sure that you have some shims on hand to help solve any problems that might arise during installation. Shims are thin pieces of wood that can be placed underneath a section of cabinetry to help raise the elevation of that section slightly.

You can stack shims on top of one another to reach your desired height, making these small pieces of wood a valuable addition to any kitchen cabinet installation.

3. Make use of scribes.

Just as the floor in your kitchen might not be level, the walls in your kitchen might not be completely square either. As you are hanging your wall cabinets, you should be sure that you make use of the scribes that come with new cabinets.

Scribes are filler pieces designed to help fill in the gap between a cabinet and your kitchen wall. Not only will scribes help to make your cabinets flush with the wall, they will create a little space between the kitchen wall and the cabinet doors. This allows the doors to open with ease in the future.

Being able to properly install your new kitchen cabinets will help to make your next kitchen remodel a success.